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In the street theater of the Middle Ages, the actors, the buffoons, imitated the inhabitants of the village on a physical and personal level, to the point of mockery and defiance. Both then and today, the buffoons use content that is taboo to make a fuss. The theater buffoons are included in the genre of satire and grotesque.

Through a physical theater full of poetic / grotesque visions, the actor becomes a "artist," thus connecting the audience to the theater of instinct, a cult of senses and imaginations. A theater that tries to reconcile the sick society with the unknown.

Come on an exciting and exciting journey and discover the idea of "Put on a mask and tell you who you really are!"


Masks or Not to Be

This Year’s Students at the Goodman Theater School, Be'er Sheva - Presents:

A performance that sums up a year of study with unique theater masks.

The actor in the physical theater and the game with the mask allow a virtuoso player to express maximum emotion while optimally using the player's most important tool - the "body" and honest play. In a rich mosaic and a mixture of comic and tragic scenes, we invite you to experience the human, come to get excited by the magic of the mask, a show for the whole family !!



Credit for the work of Gili Bachar and the "Goodman" acting school

Photo: PR Goodman

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