Picture of Event: RADIM VIZVÁRY: SÓLO - (Czech)


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The Fringe Theater (location map)
Wednesday, July 25 2018 20:00
Event duration 60 minutes
Part of subscription
price 50 - 60 ₪

About the show

From classical pantomime to butoh dance, from physical comedy to contemporary mime theatre, Radim’s pantomime is modern, pure and relevant. And although he embraces the influences of various styles, he always takes his own path.

Radim Vizváry presents classical and contemporary works that are both poetic and comical. You will laugh and cry without a single word from Radim, because he does not need them for his art.  His expression is purely physical, combining acting with virtuoso movement. To say it short – you will see

Conceived, directed and performed by: Radim Vizváry
Stage design, costume design: Hugo Čačko
Light design, technical production: Karel Šimek, Hugo Hejzlar, David Prokopovič
PR, booking and production: Ilona Hájková

credit picture: 

David Konečný



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