Picture of Event: (G)rond Zero - (Lithuania)

(G)rond Zero - (Lithuania)

International Shows
youth center parking stage 1 (location map)
Wednesday, July 25 2018 19:45
Event duration 45 minutes
Part of subscription
price 50 - 60 ₪

About the show

in its pure meaning the term ground zero has quite destructive and militant DNA. But in our case “(g)round zero” marks the point in time and space where two dancers and  master of sound strange zero feel inescapable need to meet each other on stage, challenge themselves and start their adventure from zero. Why from zero? Because we need to find the common way to communicate on stage since our backgrounds are completely different. And more importantly, we feel more than ever before strong desire to search for a reason why we dance and what is the trigger for us to keep on doing it.


Concept: Marius Pinigis

Choreography and dance: Marius Paplauskas, Marius Pinigis

Sound design and performance: Andrius Stakele

Light design: Vladimiras Serstabojevas

Duration: 50 min.

Visual design: Arturas Bulota

Management and Public relations: Agne Pinigieicf

credit picture: 

arturas bulota


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