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I am Angelina Jolie

carasso science park
Tuesday, July 24 2018 20:30
Event duration 50 minutes
Entrance at 20:00
price 60 - 70 ₪

About the show


What happens when you become a refugee?

          You start Walking to save your own life. If someone attacked your village, you would run the hell out of there in every way  possible.                                                                                               

Eventually everyone ends up at the same place – the border.  At some point, men in uniforms will demand to see your papers. What, no papers?  It does not matter. Get out of your vehicle. Stand over there. Wait. Now, papers or no papers, your life as a refugee genuinely starts: on foot.

Until last year, 59 million people abandoned their homes due to persecution, violence and violation of human rights. 62 million refugees. However, we are not going to talk about them. Not at all. Just about us. And about Angelina Jolie

Just about us. And about Angelina Jolie


Conceived and directed by: Mickey Yonas

Assistant director: Shay Gavrieli

Artistic director: Shlomo Plesner

Dramaturgy: Ido Bornstein

Actors-Creators: Shay Jibri, Itai Chammah, Arnon Rosenthal

Srage & Light : Iris Mualem

Music: Kobi Vitman

Wardrobe: Aya Zaiger

Duration: 50 minute

   credit picture: dedy elias




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